Interim 2018: Argentina & Brazil

This year for Interim, I traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Iguazu Falls, Brazil.  However, I won't bore you with long paragraphs and instead, I'll let the pictures tell the story. As the quote commonly goes: "A picture is worth a thousand words" Buenos Aires, Argentina Iguazu Falls, Brazil  


A Different Take

Currently, in Innovation Diploma, we are partnered with Buckhead Christian Ministries. In a team of 7, we have been diving deep into the design brief on what's begun as immediate rehousing. These past few weeks, we were able to really get to know BCM, researching and brainstorming possible ideas, getting a more wholesome understanding of... Continue Reading →

Trailblazers: The Journey of Creating Issue 1

It all started with one trip. Anya Smith-Roman, Kaylyn Winters, and I attended the SparkHouse Conference, where we learned even more about the education transformation movement. After having attended the conference led by Education Reimagined, we all found that we shared a common aspiration: To get student-learner's voices to be heard. How would we go about... Continue Reading →

Design Thinking Development

Over these past few weeks, I've been filling out college applications, where I've really been talking a lot about my design thinking experiences. But it wasn't until just now that I realized while I've been talking about what happened, I haven't been focusing too much on what I've learned from those experiences. Looking back, it's... Continue Reading →

The Gift Giving Season

It's that time of the year again where you can hear festive songs playing all around you! It's the holiday season again!! Usually, when you think of the holidays, the images of angels, bells, and more importantly gifts come into mind. When we think of gifts, the first things we think of are tangible and material... Continue Reading →

To Infinity and Beyond!

These past 5 months in school have been so hectic and crazy!! To start off the semester, in Innovation Diploma we jumped straight in with a design brief on increasing traffic and awareness of the outdoor classrooms in our school. Then we went on to choosing a design brief, and specifically, I chose to be... Continue Reading →

Sparking a Change in Education

This last week, I got an amazing opportunity to go to a conference called Sparkhouse. At Sparkhouse, I was able to meet some amazing and awe-inspiring learners as we discussed topics that were mainly around the future of education. It was so amazing to see how enthusiastic everyone got when it came to learning. Many of... Continue Reading →

Improving Little By Little

Reflection, put broadly, is really just a deep consideration or thought for something. Normally my peers think of reflection as writing in a journal or blogging about your day, but I believe reflection goes deeper than that. I believe reflection can be found in the small moments of silence when one peers over one's own... Continue Reading →

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